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Some Of The Services We Offer

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We've been providing food delivery in the Rogue Valley since 2011!  We pick up  food orders from most places in town (and beyond). But, unlike those online food delivery platforms, when you call Task Runners, you are speaking with a LOCAL business that does both the order-taking AND the delivering all in ONE phone call. NO employees, NO worries about who shows up to your door!  We may charge a bit more, but that's what separates the professionals (us) from the amateurs (everyone else). 

One of our most popular services. NO membership requirements/ or annual dues! Same-day delivery on all orders up to closing time every night!  We don't, however, promote the "groceries under an hour" gimmick - like those other services. We prefer to take the time to get our customer's order right the FIRST time, because it's the owners, and not an inexperienced or inattentive employee, that does the shopping!  We also include the actual STORE RECEIPT that those other services intentionally keep from their customers to hide the actual cost of your items.

Task Runners can pick up your prescription medication at any pharmacy! We observe all HIPPA rules and do not share your medical information with anyone!   Unfortunately, we are prohibited from delivering any type of drugs not approved by State & Federal laws. Narcotic drugs need special approval to be  delivered .

Courier/Mail Service

Have a package that needs to get across town TODAY?  Didn't get the rent check sent before it's due? Will the Post Office get your tax documents to your accountant on time? We can deliver these and other items that might take too long by U.S. Mail, UPS, or FedX that need to be at a specific destination at a specific time within Medford or other surrounding areas. Large packages limited to what fits in our delivery vehicle.

Medical Equip. Returns

If you're renting wheel chairs, walkers, or other medical devices or equipment, but don't have any way to return them, give us a call and we can come pick up your rental(s) to be delivered back to where you (or someone else) picked them up. 


Auto Parts Run

Task Runners routinely runs emergency parts to those broken down along side the highway, as well as to those stuck at home because they need a crucial part or tool to get their vehicle back on the road. We can do the same for you!   
Parts ONLY - no flamable items such as filled gas cans or other flammable items.

Donation Pick-up

Our donation pick-up service is a convenient way to get rid of your clutter without leaving your driveway! We'll drop your items off at your preferred donation center. Large loads limited to what fits in our delivery vehicle.

Nationwide Orders

Task Runners accepts orders from ANYWHERE in the United States!  From New York to Hawaii and all places in between, if you need a delivery in the Southern Oregon locale, we can make it happen!

Long-Distance Service

Our service area is up to 35 miles in any direction from  the town of Medford, but we can venture outside our delivery zone - sometimes on short notice. Task Runners has been sent as far north as Portland, Oregon to as far south as Redding, California. Call us for an estimate TODAY!

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Mon - Thur   10am- 9pm

Fri/Sat       10am - 10pm


Per OLCC rules, we are PROHIBITED from delivering any type of alcohol, tobacco, wine, or illegal drugs.

We are a Medford, Oregon Business!

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