Serving The Rogue Valley For Over A Decade


Since We Don't Contract With Any Stores, We Can Shop Stores Not Available Through Other Online Delivery Platforms.

Restaurant Delivery

We Go To ANY Restaurant. Just Prepay Your Order With The Merchant, Then Call Us To Pick It Up.

Prescription Pickup

Just A Full Name And Birthdate Is All We Need To Pickup Your "Scripts".

Emergency Roadside Parts Transport

Weather Your "Rig" Is Broke Down On The Highway Or At Nearest Truck Stop, We Can Run Replacement Parts, If It Fits In Our Vehicle, From Any Large Truck Service Centers in Medford.

Alcohol Delivery

Orders Must be Prepaid With The Merchant Ahead Of Time, As We Are Currently ONLY Allowed to "Transport "under OLCC Permission.

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How does your service work?
Call us at 541-951-8275, or you can email or fill out our online form and tell us what you want us to do. If it's a service we provide, we will get all your information for the order. We prefer the customer have the delivery prepaid with the Merchant ahead of time, Once we arrive with your order, we will collect payment.
How much does your service cost?
See our "Service Rates" button above.
How do I pay for your service?
We take cash and all major credit and debit cards. Personal checks are not accepted UNLESS you have an excellent payment history with our service. Business/company checks are accepted. Eligible check payments are accepted up to ONE hour before banks close for the day and not accepted on weekends.
Do I have to tip?
Unlike other delivery platforms, we do NOT rely on tips to pick up ANY orders. What we need to keep our business going is rolled into our pricing structure.
There may be times when we do have to increase our pricing due to economic increases (inflation), but we try to hold off on any major price increases once all other cost-cutting options on our part have been exhausted.
We do NOT cancel orders based on whether there's a tip or not! Alternatively, we do not need to be PROMISED a tip for delivering an order.
Every order placed through Task Runners IS picked up and delivered regardless. Any cancellation of orders is either from the customer or if there's any emergency situation that comes up affecting the delivery.
Although tipping is not mandatory, we do accept them and it's always appreciated.
Can you take me to a store or appointment?
Unfortunately no, we cannot. Task Runners is not licensed as a taxi or ride-share service. We only transport items.
Can you deliver alcohol or cigarettes?
Task Runners is registered with the Oregon Liquor and Cannabis Commission to deliver alcohol as an Approved For-Hire Carrier. This allows us to ONLY be able to "transport" alcohol from point of pick up to point of drop off. We are NOT allowed to purchase, nor are we to collect for it's purchase.
You would have to purchase from the merchant prior to us picking the alcohol.
Cigarettes are regulated and controlled by the Dept. of Justice. We are currently unable and prohibited from delivering those items. Marijuana is also another item we are unable to deliver.
Do you accept EBT/SNAP cards?
Although Task Runners is not setup to take EBT/SNAP cards at this time there IS a way for you to allow us to use your card for paying for your order.
You will need to fill out Form MSC 231 "Authorized Representative and Alternate Payee" You can find the form HERE.
Once we receive a copy of your approval and is on file with us, we will be able to use your card to purchase your items. We would have to pick up your card prior to starting your order (extra stop /mileage fees may apply).
However, OUR service charges would have to be paid for through other means (credit/debit card/cash)
Do you offer senior/military discounts?
Yes! If you are over 65, we offer 10% discount off delivery charges (excluding extra stop, mileage and extra funding fees). We do not, however, discount the cost of the actual items purchased. You must reimburse us for the total cost of the items WITH the discounted delivery charge.
This is NOT an automatic discount. You must ask for the discount EACH time you place an order, either by phone or online ordering. We also do not allow for discount requests ON BEHALF of another person. The person requesting the discount MUST be the one receiving the discount.
Military discount requests need show ID at delivery, but will not need to for future deliveries.
We cannot discount at time of delivery as we have already made up the collection ticket prior to arrival. We do NOT allow "double discounting". We can do senior OR military discount, but not both.
Item damaged/ missing/ wrong in delivery
What do I do? - If you find an item(s) that was damaged/missing, or not what was ordered after we had dropped it off, call us IMMEDIATELY.
Anything that spilled, was broken or leaking can usually be replaced, at OUR cost, by going back to the store/restaurant for a replacement. If no replacements are available, we may elect to issue a refund for the price of the item(s) that were affected, credit towards the item(s) on next delivery or discount on delivery fee on next order. This would also apply for any items missing from the order as well.
If you received an item you didn't order, keep your receipt. We will need it to do any refunds, if possible. Some perishable food items are not refundable after they have left the store/restaurant.
If you receive anything in a food order you didn't order DO NOT CONSUME IT! The restaurant may require the order be returned before issuing a refund or replacement.
Above all, make sure you check your order within 10 minutes of receiving it. If we don't hear from you within 20 minutes after dropping it off, we will assume the order was complete, with no issues.
What is your refund policy?
Task Runners can partially or fully refund on delivery fees ONLY. Items needing to be refunded should be through the merchant that the items were purchased from. Make sure you keep your receipt.
For all food orders, Task Runners is only liable for the condition that the delivery arrives in. We are NOT responsible for how the food items are prepared. It is the customer's responsibility to check their delivery AT LEAST within 10 minutes after receiving it and give us a call if any issues arise.
If the delivery arrives damaged, we may elect to replace the damaged item(s) at OUR cost, however, we will not refund for the total cost of the order AND delivery charges.
What if I can't pay for my order?
It's the customer's responsibility to make sure they have the funds necessary to pay for the service before calling by checking bank accounts, credit cards, etc.
If we are doing an order that is "non-funded", meaning we don't spend any money on an order, we may postpone our delivery payment at a later time. The outstanding charges will accumulate late fees of $10 added for each day the payment is late.
Task Runners has a "one chance" policy.
Non-payment for our service will cause that individual to be immediately banned from future service FOR LIFE, reported to law enforcement for "theft of services", as well as initiating collection attempts, either by Task Runners or through other legal entities.
Things that can get you banned or refused service in the future:
Bounced checks (if no other payment option is offered).
Paying with fake credit cards or cash.
Unsafe delivery location (for driver OR vehicle).
Harassing, threatening, or being unruly to Task Runners staff.
Chargebacks (disputing charges we make to a customers card for services rendered that are made fraudulently will be considered as "non-payment of services" and will fall under our "one chance" policy.)


How do I place an order?
There are THREE ways you can submit your order.
Email at:  our online form , or you can just give us a call at 541-951-8275.
Can I get my grocery order "same day" and when do I have to place it?
Same-day service is available depending on how busy we are that day. If we have a lot of grocery shops scheduled, we may have to schedule for next day, unless we get a cancellation and an opening is available. Most times, however, we've been able to accommodate all our customers same-day requests with very little re-scheduling.
Orders can be placed up to 2 hours before the delivery is needed. An average-sized delivery can roughly take less than an hour, from start to finish. It just depends on how many items being purchased, how busy/crowded the store is, ease of locating the items, traffic to and from store location, etc.
For best results, submitting your order the day before will ensure your place in the delivery schedule for the following day, as well as gaining a good experience with our service.
Can you go to Costco?
Task Runners can go to ANY membership stores. We have our OWN membership status so you don't even have to be a member! We can also do Bi-Mart stores as well.
I have a relative in your area and I am ordering from out-of-state. Are you able to help me?
Yes we can! Over the years, Task Runners has received delivery orders from nearby states including Washington and California to distant orders from Hawaii and New York. We've even done a couple orders received from the United Kingdom!
Placing an order is basically the same. The only difference is we require a valid credit card upon placing the order. If your payment option fails and we cannot, or are unable to contact you, your recipient would be liable for any payment(s) we'd need to collect.
If you are ordering from out of the country, we will need TWO forms of contact information other than a phone number. Our phone carrier does not allow OUTGOING international calls, although we can receive incoming calls.
How is your service different from services like Instacart?
One major difference is our TRANSPARENCY to our customers. When you order your groceries from Task Runners Delivery, you not only get OUR receipt for your order, but you also receive the STORE receipt, showing how much your items came to AND what we paid the store for your items. You won't get that from Instacart. When ordering from Instacart's website, their grocery items are NOT at store prices, in fact, they upcharge those items as much as 20% or more over store prices. This is why Instacart shoppers are FORBIDDEN from giving customers the store's receipt showing the actual cost of the delivery. To do so would cause Instacart to DEACTIVATE (fire) that shopper.
Can I rate my shopper service? Task Runners Delivery is "owner-operated" and that means your delivery is being performed by the very Management that has been running the service for over 10 years.
We currently do not have employees at this time. If and when we do, we would never subject them to such a punishing and punitive rating system that other online delivery services are currently using today.
You can, however, make a review of the service on sites like Google Reviews, Yelp, etc. if you have a good or bad experience with our service.
Can you pick up orders from Instacart, or other grocery services?
Unfortunately no. Although we do Instacart ourselves from time to time, as well as our own service, that is a separate service that works a different way.
Customers who order from sites like Instacart place their orders with them and then those orders are sent out to all their drivers that signed up to shop for the app.
Orders are NOT assigned to drivers and customers don't get to choose the drivers they want. Orders are chosen by whoever wants to shop that order AND can claim it before another driver does.
If you want to have us pick up an online order, try using any of the grocery store websites that offer pick-up service, like Walmart, Safeway, Albertson's, or Fred Meyer's Click List. You can still pay online for your groceries and send us to pick the order up (standard delivery rates apply).


How do I make a food delivery order?
First, call us at 541-951-8275 for availability. Reserved times will not be held more than 10 minutes before we accept new orders again - meaning, if you don't have an order ready when you call us, we will wait no more than 10 minutes for a call-back.
We no longer place orders to restaurants, so you will need to place the order and call us back with a time the food will be ready for pick up, as well as the name the order is under.
We can do drive-thru orders, however, waiting fees may apply if we are stuck in line more than 15 minutes.
Door Dash didn't / won't pick up my order. Can you help?
Task Runners has no problem picking up orders drivers from other delivery platforms refuse to pick up. This is mostly caused when orders show no tips added to the delivery. Drivers will not accept them.
Just give us a call and tell us where we need to pick the order up from. Be aware that you will be subject to OUR pricing and not Door Dash, or some other delivery service.
So, if you've already paid through another service for your order, you'll need to contact them for any refunds.
I own a food establishment. Can I use your service?
Yes! It's easy for businesses that don't want to be locked into a contract with some of these other delivery platforms or don't have the staff to have their own in-house delivery. It really doesn't cost anything to use our service.
When you get a take-out order call and they want to pay over the phone, just add our fee when you charge their card. When we show up to take possession of the order, you just pay us our fee you received from your customer.
Orders from Door Dash, Grub Hub, Uber Eats, etc. that don't get picked up can STILL be delivered by Task Runners, but we will have to charge the restaurant our delivery fee, unless they can contact the customer to see how they want to cover the delivery cost.


What do you need to pick up my prescriptions?
All prescription will require a full name and birthdate (and in some cases an address) before the Pharmacist will release the medication to us.
Waiting fees apply. If we are in line for more than 15 minutes, waiting charges will start thereafter.
Narcotic medication will need to be approved by the customer AND the pharmacist for Task Runners to deliver those items. Driver will require signature of receipt at arrival.
Can you pick up my doctor's prescription at the hospital/clinic and drop it off to my pharmacy and then bring it to me after it's filled?
We can do that as well! We would charge $12 for the pick up and drop off. IF the pharmacist can get the order filled within 20 minutes of us submitting the paperwork, we can wait until it's ready. Then we would charge an extra stop fee of $6 to get it from the pharmacy to you.
If they can't fill the script and we have to come back later, then it would be a separate delivery and subject to our normal delivery charge.
How is my medical information safeguarded?
Task Runners does not disclose or share any of your personal or medical information to other entities as instructed in the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPPA).
Prescriptions that require a Pharmacist to go over the medication will be told by the driver, that they only need to know if there's a phone number the customer can call for questions.