Updated Cancellation Policy

Effective 9/27/2018, our updated cancellation/no text policies are in effect and are as follows:

Any and all cancellation of services MUST be done within 15 minutes of placing the order. Once the order or service has been paid for by Task Runners, it is too late to cancel and the customer is, at the very least,  liable for reimbursement of all funds Task Runners has paid out of their own account to fulfill the customer's order/service request.  If cancellation of a service becomes necessary, it is the customers' responsibility to ensure Task Runners receives the cancellation.  This can ONLY to be done one of two ways.  Either by phone and speaking directly with Task Runners OR by the customer leaving a voicemail , if Task Runners is not able to answer their call.  TEXT MESSAGING A CANCELLATION IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH AND WILL NOT CANCEL AN ORDER!  You need to have Task Runners confirm your cancellation in order for it to happen.  If we don't receive cancellation, then your order will be delivered as planned with payment expected upon arrival. Failure to follow this policy will result in permanent expulsion from our service. 


Due to ongoing lack of information provided when receiving orders, as well as safety reasons on the road using this method, we are no longer accepting orders that are sent to us by text. You will need to call us directly with your order OR use the provided online form found on both the take-out and grocery pages. Orders sent to us using text will be ignored. We will only use text to confirm orders, delivery times, or in the case of PayPal orders, text the amounts due and where to send them.  Email orders are still acceptable at [email protected]

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