Commercial Roadside Parts Delivery

You're stranded MILES from the nearest town.......

Whether you need to fix your rig yourself, or you're a Road Tech that doesn't have the part(s) necessary to get your customer back on the road, Task Runners can run replacement truck parts to wherever you or your customer has broken down. No matter if it's on the main highway I-5, or a side road. Northbound or Southbound and all places in between. We can pick up your pre-ordered parts from any of the major truck parts suppliers/repair shops in Medford (or in other towns nearby).  We charge mileage rates based on how far out of town (Medford) you are, which range from .80 cents per (up to 50 miles) to $1.00 a mile (over 50 miles). This is in addition to our normal $10 delivery charge.
(Call for deliveries exceeding 100 miles. Delivery charge increases if Task Runners has to pay for the parts or any other service that's ordered.

                                                     WHEN YOU CALL US, WE WILL NEED:

1. Your APPROXIMATE location. This helps us give you an estimated cost for the service.
Are you northbound (towards Portland) or are you southbound (towards California). Mile Markers? Nearest exit passed or approaching? On the side of roadway or in a lot? Description of your truck, color, any markings/business names?

2.  The location of your pre-paid parts, what the parts are and what name will the counter person set them aside under. We will also need to know if Task Runners will be paying for the parts (if counter person won't take payment over the phone)

3. All services are pre-paid in advance before we send a vehicle out, so have your credit card ready when ordering.

Service Centers

Freightliner Northwest

Address: 2343 Biddle Rd, Medford, OR
Phone: (541) 779-4622

Webfoot Truck & Equipment

Address:  3450 Crater Lake Ave. Medford, OR
Phone:  541-773-8223

DSU Peterbuilt & GMC Inc.

Address: 3727 Fern Valley Rd, Phoenix, OR
Phone: 541-535-1446

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