Restrictions For The Free Take-Out Promotion

1. Points can ONLY be earned from grocery orders or our other services. Take-out orders are not eligible.

2. Extra fees do NOT go towards your points earnings. (mileage, 

     extra stops, labor,etc)

3. Each “free” delivery earned is valued UP TO $50. For larger 

     orders, you may apply your free delivery, but you will need to 

     cover anything extra over that amount.

4. Only ONE free delivery per order used. (cannot apply multiple 

     free deliveries to one large order, for example)

5. Each free delivery earned expires in 60 days from date  


6. Task Runners may not deliver from restaurants on the “do not 

    deliver from” list, due to prior poor service. Call us

    At 541-951-8275 to make sure your choice is available before            placing your order.

7. This promotion valid as long as Task Runners is in operation               or promotion is pulled and is good during our hours

     of service. If promotion expires, Task Runners will honor                     those free deliveries that are still outstanding.

8. No minimum purchase required, There is a minimum delivery            charge of ($10) applied to each order placed.

9. Customer is not obligated to participate in this offer and may             opt out at anytime. Task Runners will inform you

     when you have earned your free delivery if you wish to                         participate in this promotion.

10. Any surplus points go towards your next free delivery. 

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