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A Little About Us


Baby is our oldest cat. Estimated at around 12 or 13 years old, he's been with us since April and I first dated (and that was, at least,10 years ago). Gets along with the others, but him and Annabelle seem to tolerate each other and cuddle together, but doesn't really want to have anything to do with Ramone or Neo. He likes his strokes (top of the head to the tip of the tail), bossing the other cats around, since he's the oldest, and he LOVES Chinese food!
(as well as getting into the garbage and scavenging for stuff he's NOT supposed to have)


Our only female cat, Annabelle is another of our cats that "chose" us when we got her as a kitten. She likes to be by herself most times but is queen bee of her territory and will let the other cats know it! Any cuddling is on HER terms, as she will "whine" if she's had enough and wants you to put her down. She just recently started competing with Ramone for sleeping on daddy's chest at night. Does NOT like to be played with by Neo and she lets him have it when he tries (and she gets her RACOON tail fluffed up). If she starts making a "warble" noise, you better act fast because whatever she ate is about to come back up and all over the carpet, or worse, the BED!


We got Ramone as a kitten, as he too, chose us when we inspected a litter of kittens from a Craigslist ad. He is the poster boy of what a "good kitty" is. He can do NO wrong (at least, according to me). He's never gotten into things he shouldn't have, never had to experience ANY sort of discipline, never picked fights with the other cats, never attempts to defend himself, which is why he's sometimes called "Big Wuss", since he runs from a fight or a loud knock or doorbell ring. He doesn't seem to eat much (being there's 3 other cats) so we are dumbfounded as to how he got so BIG! He is strictly "Daddy's Cat",as he was supposed to be a replacement for one of April's older cats, Cassinova, that we had to put down due to chronic illness. But he has bonded to me and has to be around me every day. At nights it can be a bit uncomfortable at bedtime, as he likes to lay on my chest, which is like having a 20lb sack of flour on top of you. Him and Neo are "best buds", as they are almost inseparable, when not bugging Daddy,lol!

"Neo" (Short for "Napoleon")

And then there's Neo, the troublemaker,lol! Short for "Napoleon" (a word my wife finds hard to pronounce), he's about a 3 year old Tuxedo short-hair that we picked up from a farm that had all outdoor kitties (the other three are all strictly INDOOR cats), so Neo is always trying to sneak out the motorhome any chance he gets. We have actually put a harness on him to take him for walks. He will sometimes ride on the dashboard when the motorhome is moving and he LOVES to get into things and make messes. His favorite past time is irritating Annabelle when he gets the chance. Him and Ramone hit it off from the day we brought him home and they've been best buds ever since. Ramone will actually start "yowling" if Neo is not around (if separated for any reason).

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