Why can't UberEats deliver from my favorite restaurant?

If you've been to the UberEats website recently, you'll notice that there isn't a lot of choices when it comes to places they deliver from. So how is it that Task Runners can offer more choices for restaurant delivery than a large company such as UberEats?  The primary reason you don't see your  favorite restaurant as a choice on their website is because the restaurant has not PAID to be an UberEats "partner".  

That's because UberEats REQUIRES food establishments that wish to use THEM as their delivery service to pay a rather hefty "partnership/activation fee" to be on UberEats's website for a "fee" of around $500 to set up, and that's JUST to be on their website!  (while we, at Task Runners, don't charge the restaurants for the privilege of being on OUR restaurant pages)

Another reason most restaurants are NOT getting on the UberEats bandwagon is the 30 - 35% cut that is taken by UberEats for every 'to-go" order that is placed through them,  which eliminates any profit for the restaurant to make on that order.  That's bad news for eateries that deal mostly in "to-go" orders, as UberEats is gobbling up all the profits on those orders.  UberEats says the trade off for losing those profits is that the restaurant gains more customers in the long term. Unfortunately, more to-go orders would mean MORE profit loss, so their justification makes no sense.  It is also against UberEats terms of service for restaurants to cover the cost of using UberEats, which basically, they are telling the eatery that in order for UberEats to deliver for them, they must EAT all the costs involved with the service for the privilege of being their "partner".

As of this posting, we have talked to at least SIX establishments that will NOT be joining UberEats. Most of these are established LOCAL eateries that would see drastic income loss due to being "partnered" with them.  If your favorite eatery is more of a "mom & pop" operation, you can be sure they WON'T be participating as any featured restaurant on UberEats website!

Task Runners knows how important it is for eateries to meet their profit margins to survive. We also know that WE need their deliveries for us to stay in business, so it's a symbiotic relationship in a way - one cannot live without the other. Services such as UberEats only makes us better in that we offer for FREE what they charge for.  

Until UberEats changes their business model, you can expect to see limited choices available on their website. 

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