Testimonials from our Facebook Page

"These guys are awesome... I'm disabled it is very hard for me to get out to go shopping without it being a huge pain in the butt deal... but they have made my life so much easier and I can't express how much I appreciate the extra set of legs... thank you very much!!!"

Suzanne A. - Medford, OR

"I used your service a week or two ago and was very impressed! I'm disabled and have trouble getting out if I want take-out. Your services have made it possible for me to have something other then pizza!! And you even called the order in for me! Thank you!! And its nice knowing that you have other services as well!"

Jenny Bauman M. - Medford, OR

"My family and I have been using Task Runners since they started - we moved away and recently relocated back to the Rogue Valley and were thrilled to learn they were still in business! Very friendly, prompt, affordable and our orders are always correct! Thanks for all you do, Task Runners!"

Susie M. - Sam's Valley, OR

"Very impressed with your service, my friend and her son received the order right on time and it was perfect. I was able to deliver a treat to my friend in Medford, all the way from Ft. worth, TX"

Rebecca S. - Fort Worth, TX

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